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Savage Six

2008-12-01 01:28:23 by JimmySavage


Savage Six


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2008-12-01 06:04:43

and a half


2008-12-06 23:13:33

Bullshit. Where was the werewolf flick.

America is officially socialist, buy silver, gold, guns and land while you can.

JimmySavage responds:

Lol, thanks for your input, FRIEDRICH HAYEK. Forget about buying gold and guns. I'm joining the political police and getting it all for free!


2008-12-08 00:02:28

Also, expect the first part of Savage Six out by the end of the week, along with parts 2-6, the werewolf flick, the octopus aliens flick, the punk point and click game, the original Harvest redone, a clockday flick, a blatant ripoff of synj's horrid, Dead Part 2, a battle between Punch's character and mine, a noir detective flick, a drama involving youths and murder in South America, a few fake commercials, and a couple of ridiculous comedies. Oh and a crime drama, and a space exploration sci-fi flick. There are winnings to be made, why would I pass that up?!?!?


2008-12-08 19:48:25

You know F.A. Hayek?, you sarcastic fuck.

How come you never call any more?